Conference on Spiritual Warfare

Fr Jeremy Davies recommended this to me. As it is on a Saturday, I am unable to attend. However, I thought some readers might be interested.

Saturday 13th January 2007 - 10am - 4am
Church Hall, Holy Apostles, Cumberland Street, LONDON SW1V 4LY

St John of the Cross and the Path of Spiritual Freedom
Fr Iain Matthew O.D.C (author of 'The Impact of God'),

The Jewish People and the Second Coming
Roy Schoeman (author of 'Salvation is from the Jews') and

Exorcism and Evangelisation
Fr Sean Conaty (of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle)

Tickets priced at £10 are available on the door or in advance from
Dcn Mike Bykar
58 Haselmere Ave
(please enclose SAE).

Please bring your own lunch.

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