Bought With a Price

The Right Reverend Paul Loverde, Bishop of Arlington, Virginia, has issued a Pastoral Letter entitled Bought With a Price. Pornography and the Attack on the Living Temple of God. In it, he addresses the nature of the current threat, answers false arguments justifying pornography, offers advice to people of various states of life (all Christians, young people, engaged and married, priests) and reflects on the gift of sight. He has some stirring words for those engaged in the public sphere:
Where the pornographic mentality has invaded even mainstream media - and certainly, what is now offered on cable and even broadcast television increasingly approaches pornographic content, citizens must demand that public officials whose service is to regulate such media take immediate and effective action. Contrary to the self-serving defense of some media outlets, such actions are not censorship, but rather the demand for an end to the exploitation of persons and the degradation of public morality.
H/T Fr Jim Tucker of Dappled Things who is a priest of the Diocese of Arlington.

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