The value of time

I was reading St Alphonsus this morning on the value of time.
"St Bernadine of declared that a moment of time is of as much value as God; because in each moment a man may, by an act of contrition or of love, gain Divine grace and eternal glory. [...] Time is a treasure which is found only in this life; it is not to be found in the next, neither in hell nor in heaven. In hell, the lamentation of the damned is O, si daretur hora! - Oh, that an hour were given us! They would pay any price for one hour of time to redeem the past; but never will they have this hour. In heaven there is no weeping; but if the blessed could weep. their tears would only be shed for having in this life lost time, in which they might have acquired greater glory, and because this time they can never again possess.
He then quotes a story which is given in a slightly different form by St Louis Grignon de Montfort in his little book on the Rosary.
"A deceased Benedictine nun appeared in glory to a person, and said that she was perfectly happy but, if she could have desired anything, it would be to return to life, and to suffer that she might merit more glory; and she added, that she would be content to endure the pains she had suffered in death till the day of judgment, to obtain the glory that corresponds to the merit of a single 'Hail Mary'"

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