Striking picture of Our Lady

I found this lovely picture today at the blog of Fr T E Jones St Peter's, London Docks. Father added the text:
What a great thing, if, during temptation, all Christians thoughtof confidently invoking Mary's name ! They would certainly never fall. (S. Alphonsus Liguori: The Glories of Mary)
Have a look at Fr Jones' blog: there are some very good things there, typical of that devout Anglo-Catholic remnant of the Church of England.

I hope Fr Jones will not take it amiss if I ask you all to pray earnestly for him to join the Roman Catholic Church. We really need him and many like him. Indeed, we have benefited from many of his confreres who have brought their solid priestly spiritual life to the Catholic Church in England.

Do not underestimate how hard it is for someone to leave the Church of England. There is a sense of responsibility that lingers - perhaps to convert the Church of England back again to true Christian values. There is also the terrible sense of loss that accompanies any journey into the unknown; one former priest described it to me as leaving through the garden gate, knowing that you could never again return to such a homely place. Newman knew this in his own life: we should not minimise it.

But Fr Jones (and apologies if this post has embarrassed you) we would love to have you among us. As the book title put it so well: Come on in. It's awful!

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