Dowry of Mary week at Blackfen

From Monday to Friday this week, Miles Jesu are organising a Dowry of Mary week in my parish as a part of their apostolate "Continuity Movement". We have a holy hour from 7.30pm. During this time, the Rosary is said, along with other prayers and I sit in the confessional. After Benediction, there is a talk by an invited speaker. Last night it was Cyprian Blamires who gave an inspiring account of his path to Rome via Evangelical Anglicanism.

Fr Richard Whinder was over tonight. (This is an unusual post about him in that it does not feature a photograph.) He was speaking on the Church in pre-Reformation England. A historian himself, he debunked a lot of the myths that abound concerning the Christian middle ages.

Tomorrow, Deacon John Greenwood is coming to speak about his own path to Rome. Thursday, I am speaking about the English Martyrs, then on Friday, "Auntie Joanna" Bogle is coming to speak about England's Catholic Heritage. On Saturday, we have Mass (Novus Ordo, Latin) at 10.30am at our Lady altar, followed by an hour's exposition (with confessions), concluding with Benediction and lunch. If you can come for any of the sessions, you will be welcome. On the parish website, there are directions to my parish.

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