Latvian google

Just checking through site meter, I find that I have had 14 visits referred from the Latvian version of Google. Well Laimigu Jauno gadu! to you all!

(If you are tempted to post a comment asking "What does that mean?", please save my blood pressure by taking the following steps: [select text / copy / open google / paste / search] Oh all right, it means "Happy New Year!")

Looking up Google, I find there are several places where you can get simple phrases in Latvian, including Riga Out There which seems to be a chav's guide to a weekend in Riga, taking you through a night out on the town in simple steps:
Hi- Chau!
I don't understand- Es nesaprotu
You got beautiful eyes- Tev ir skaistas acis
I've lost my friends- Es esmu pazaudejis savus draugus
I run out of money- Man nav naudas
Where is the closest bar? - Kur ir tuvakais bārs?
I'm drunk- Es esmu piedzeries
Oddly, they don't include the Latvian for "I'm gonna smash your teeth in" or "Get your hands off me, copper. I never done nothing. I know my rights."

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