Holistic Indian Head Massage

Ah, the internet's an amazing thing. One of the services offered at the Emmaus Centre is Holistic Indian Head Massage. (None of that reductionist, atomistic Indian Head Massage here!)

If you look up "holistic indian head massage" on Google, you have to click through a couple of pages of sponsored adverts before you get to the search results. So there's obviously money in this. Should you be inclined to a career in HIHM, you can get a qualification from most up-to-date Universities and Colleges. You can, for example, gain an ITEC Certificate in Indian Head Massage at St Mary's, Strawberry Hill. It's all quite serious stuff. Here are the course requirements:
The ITEC Certificate in Indian Head Massage will be achieved with 4 days of attendance followed by the production of 4 case studies (3 times each), to be submitted to the examiner together with a 2-hour written exam paper and a practical assessment. You will also be required to undertake home studies of approximately 4 hours per week.
That little lot should significantly reduce the chances that you'll accidentally poke someone's eye out. It is also reassuring to find that "Indian Head Massage can be performed without the need to undress." It apparently balances the chakras, too. Well that certainly sounds like a good thing. Who'd want to be going round with their chakrahs all wonky and out of balance? OK, I admit it, I haven't a clue what my chakras are. Off to Google again...

It seems we keep coming back to Reiki with this Indian Head Massage stuff. I find that the chakras are a part of the Reiki healing system. At the Reiki for Holistic Health website, they summarise it all neatly for us.

First of all, to prevent you making a fool of yourself at parties, let me knowledgeably assure you that it is pronounced "chuhkruh." Ellie Crystal's metaphysical and science website tells us confidently that the commonly found pronunciation 'shockrah' is incorrect. (Boy, would I have looked stupid saying "chacra"!) And Ellie is a Psychic, Therapist, Reiki Master, Teacher, Author, Lecturer, Researcher and Broadcaster so don't even think of trying to make a case for the 'shockrah' pronunciation.

Basically, Chakras (Sanskrit for wheel) are Entry Gates of the Aura. The seven main Chakras are positioned on the central line of the body - they are located in the ethereal body and they express the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane. You see, within the physical body resides a body double, a spiritual body, that contains the Chakras. They are responsible for your physical, mental and spiritual functions and they absorb and transmit energies to and from the universe, nature, heavenly beings, people and even things.

So, my advice to you is this. Don't go near an Indian Head Massager or a Reiki Healer. If you should chance to be within striking distance, keep your wallet safely in your pocket or handbag and say the prayer to St Michael.

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