Bringing out the inner Savonarola

Dale Price (from Detroit, Michigan) has a blog with the excellent title Dyspeptic Mutterings. I Just came across a post of his called: Affirm and go hottubbing, for yours is the reign of God. He begins by saying "Some things just bring out my inner Savonarola" and launches into a fun five-star rant about a spiritual reflection on Advent that he characterises as a "slice of USCCB-certified Grade A headcheese." A sample:
The distant and neuter God loves you. Period. There's nothing that makes God angry. Jesus came as a symbol of divine love--no atonement there. What's remarkable about this is that Fr. Overberg has. no. clue. how this obliterates social justice advocacy. If God truly loves unconditionally, then not even screwing the poor and building a nuclear death ray to fry puppies and redwoods from one of the Lagrange Points is going to hack Himherit off. Godself is all about acceptance--and nothin' but.
Rant or no rant, he's spot on. Jesus did not say:
"If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him affirm himself, put down his cross and have a rest."
(H/T The Curt Jester)

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