Celebrations and martyrs

My post on the celebrations we had for the 44 martyrs of the English College have prompted one or two raised eyebrows.

The celebrations of the English Martyrs are in the spirit of the College which always sang the Te Deum at the news of the martyrs - a joyful recognition of their triumph. Many of the martyrs themselves were young men not averse to the odd prank or two. Their resourcefulness and daring often confounded the pursuivants.

My younger companions who were at the gathering (I was the oldest there) are all hard-working, devout priests who are not obsessed with taking a "Day Off" for "me time". Getting together on this feast day for a solemn Mass, followed by lunch, good conversation and some laughs with other clergy was a legitimate diversion. Most of them rushed back to their parishes for evening engagements.

On reflection, perhaps the buckled shoes should not have had such prominence :-) The fact is that traditional clothes are not that expensive considering the quality with which they are made and the fact that they last a long time.

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