Krakow - Jesuits and Dominicans

A little time before the carol service to let you have some more photos of Krakow. We visited the Dominican Church which is popular among young people studying in Krakow. The confessionals are busy all day and there are long queues during Advent. This was another "Magari!" moment as I wondered about the possibility of securing one of these glorious gothic confessionals for my Church.

We also visited the Church of St Peter and St Paul. This used to be a Jesuit Church and its origin is reflected in the decoration over the entrance.

The interior of this baroque Church is characteristically airy and spacious:

A side altar in honour of St Ignatius Loyola prevents anyone forgetting its provenance:

And at the back of the Church there is an exuberantly decorated organ,

I still have photos to post of the Blessed Sacrament Church, attached to the monastery of the Canons Regular at which I lodged. That was perhaps the finest of the Churches that I saw. In the meantime, I must relate a joke for the sake of those who have not heard it.

Which was the most successful order: the Jesuits or the Dominicans?

Well, the Jesuits were founded to combat Protestantism. The Dominicans were founded to combat Albigensianism...

... So when did you last meet an Albigensian?

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