A rule of life from St Alphonsus

I read this passage today from St Alphonsus' "Preparation for Death". It is a summary of the devout life to which he recommends his hearers:
That which is of most importance is to resolve to practise the means for preserving yourself in the grace of God. These means are, Mass every day, meditations upon the eternal truths, frequenting confession and communion at least every eight days, a visit every day to the Most Holy Sacrament and to the Divine Mother, to belong to a confraternity, spiritual reading, examination of conscience every evening, some special devotion to our Blessed Lady - such as fasting on the Saturday - and above all to propose to recommend yourself often to God and to the Blessed Virgin, invoking frequently, and especially in time of temptation, the most holy names of Jesus and Mary: these are the means by which you can obtain a happy death and eternal salvation.

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