Faith Winter Conference last day

The last day of the Conference is rather a rush. After breakfast and morning prayer, the last talk was given by Fr Stephen Dingley who has a doctorate from Cambridge in astrophysics (radio-astronomy) and currently teaches dogmatic theology at Wonersh. His talk was a brilliant summary of the relationship between Christianity and other faiths, the reasons for their being different religions and the importance of the relationship between faith and reason. He drew particularly from Pope Benedict's Regensburg lecture. I hope that I will be able to refer you to the text in due course.

After Mass and lunch, there was an extensive session of goodbyes with the younger ones becoming pleasantly boisterous in seeing each other off. One coach goes up to Scotland, another down to London and an assortment of cars to various parts of the country.

My own journey back was very smooth: across the M62, down the A1 and M11, and round the M25. No holdups or accidents, thank the Lord. Anna-Marie and Benedict kept us entertained with a medley of pieces they have sung with the Bexley Youth Choir. They were able to sing in harmony from memory an astonishing variety of things. We also had some interesting discussions. We stopped at Cambridge for some dinner. Benedict has had an interview there recently and is nervously awaiting the outcome. Say a prayer for him.

Anna-Marie was particularly scathing about the fact that everyone over 21 at the Conference talked incessantly about blogs and seasoned her comments with some piercing observational humour.

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