Maidstone pro-life vigil

I am off now to Maidstone, about 45 minutes' drive down the M20, to lead the prayers in a pro-life vigil outside the Marie Stopes International Maidstone Centre in the town. Here is their list of "treatments" with prices.

The Marie Stopes Centre is just round the corner from the Catholic Church of St Francis. The group will be meeting there to attend the parish's weekday Mass and then say all the mysteries of the Rosary outside the Centre. There is someone on hand to offer counselling in case any of the women wants to change their mind. The vigil is entirely peaceful, prayerful and non-confrontational. Say a prayer that any opponents will also be peaceful - that has not always been the case in the past.

The "Sisters Speaking Bush Telegraph" has a piece about this vigil, describing it as "insensitive, emotionally manipulative and cruel." They should focus their attention on the various people who have forced often young and vulnerable women into the position where they think this is their only realistic option. That's where you find "insensitive, emotionally manipulative and cruel."

The Sisters also have a very good piece about WH Smith selling pencil cases the the Playboy logo on, aimed at the teenage girl market, and their prominent display of "Lad Mags". As they say, "Why should we let Playboy extend their brand and empire to encompass children?" They give a link to a Guardian article "It's porn, innit?" reporting on a protest by girls from the Coloma Convent (Catholic) Girls School.

Extending the porn empire - abortion provision ... the issues are linked, Sisters.

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