New blog, Christmas and Brussels Sprouts

David has started a blog called The Fullness of Faith. In his profile, he says:
I am an ex-Anglican Vicar, who has now come to recognise that the fullness of the faith is to be found only within the Catholic Church. I now rejoice to be a Catholic, and share in the fullness of the truth. I am married and working as a Catholic lay Chaplain. I am also studying for an MA in Catholic theology. As a convert I am often amazed at how "cradle" Catholics can fail to recognise the beauty of their faith... so I will do all I can to proclaim it here!
He has a post on "Xmas" with a picture of what must be one of the worst Christmas Cards ever: a pile of Brussels Sprouts. I don't know if this is also true in America but here in England, Brussels Sprouts are traditionally served with Christmas dinner and equally traditionally detested.

The article on Wikipedia Brussels Sprout discusses briefly whether it should be Brussel Sprouts and whether it is Britain's most hated vegetable (2002 survey) or the fifth favourite (2005 survey).

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