Victory for Helen and Joe Roberts

In December 2005, Helen and Joe Roberts were reported to the Lancashire Constabulary after they asked the Wyre Borough Council to display literature promoting Christianity in addition to their literature promoting homosexuality. When the Council refused to do this, Mrs Roberts complained by telephone, saying in the course of her call that homosexual practices were morally wrong. As a result, two police officers visited the Roberts at their home and interviewed them for an hour and twenty minutes about their beliefs.

Supported by the Christian Institute, the couple sued the Council and the Police and were due a hearing in the High Court next month. The Council and the Police have both settled out of court (£10,000 plus costs) and issued public apologies.

Mr and Mrs Roberts have already announced that they will donate the £10,000 to the Christian Institute. It is well worth looking at the website of this group. There are some very good and balanced articles outlining the threats posed by our Government. See particularly the page Primary school children could be forced to read gay rights books and the pdfs of their briefings.

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