Downing Street denial

In response to my recent post about Cherie Blair, a commenter who has identified himself as C T Lamb has said:
I have heard from a journalist who has spoken to Downing Street who said there was no truth to the story that Cherie Blair was to be appointed to a post in the Vatican.
My own response to this would be first of all to thank CT Lamb for the information and to comment that I am very happy if Downing Street are denying that this appointment was being considered. I had heard otherwise but it will be well if my source was incorrect and the appointment was not considered after all.

That would be sensible all round - Cherie Blair has been on record many times opposing the teaching of the Church on various issues. It would surely be embarrassing for her and for the Vatican if she were to be appointed as an advisor in the Curia. Deo gratias.

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