Archbishop Ranjith on Holy Communion

The Italian news site Petrus carries interview with Archbishop Ranjith recently conducted by Bruno Volpe. Gregor Kollmorgen at NLM has a translation of the interview

Here are two key points that the Archbishop makes regarding the manner of receiving Holy Communion, first regarding Holy Communion on the hand:
We need to recover the sense of the sacred. I speak only for myself, but I am convinced of the urgency of reviewing the practice of Communion given in the hand, returning to giving the particle to the faithful directly in the mouth, without them touching it, reinforcing thereby that in the Eucharist there is really Jesus and that everyone must receive Him with devotion, love and respect.
and secondly regarding kneeling for Holy Communion.
Beyond the office I occupy in the Vatican, as a Catholic I ask myself and wonder: why be ashamed of God? Kneeling at Communion would be an act of humility and recognition of our nature as children of God.

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