Weigel challenges the Jesuits

The Diogenes column at Catholic World news is always worth reading. Yesterday there was a piece called Weigel on the Jesuits about an article by George Weigel looking at the ("Questions for Father General")

Weigel quotes the new General, Fr Nicolas, as saying that the Jesuits "want to collaborate with the Holy See and to obey the Holy Father," and that "That has not changed and it will not change." He then raises the question of public dissent by Jesuits from papal teaching with a number of obvious examples.

Diogenes offers this comment:
We're told that today the Pope will receive the delegates to the Jesuit General Congregation in private audience. It's reasonable to expect that the Holy Father will communicate to the delegates his hopes for their work that remains. Being Benedict, he almost certainly will not dwell on the history of conflict but will emphasize the Jesuits' positive contributions to the post-conciliar Church, such as those in selenography. As for the questions posed by Weigel, we'll learn a lot about the answers Jesuit leaders would tender in reply by the picture of the audience they want the rest of the Church to have.

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