Photos of Station Masses

For keen seminarians and priests in Rome, Lent is a great opportunity to visit many Churches of the City for the daily Station Masses. In some cases, the Churches are not easy to visit on weekdays and they are shown off well at these major annual celebrations.

Fr Avram, a priest from the diocese of Sacramento, studying in Rome, writes a blog called Peregrinus and has been posting regularly with some great photos. Here is one of the interior of San Vitale, St John Fisher's titular Church:

Fr David Barrett at Hilariter has some photos of his own. He has one of the interior of SS Marcellinus and Peter which features the suitcase in which he brought the requisites for Mass. That he had to bring things tells you that this is one of those countless gems in Rome that is scarcely used. [Zadok corrected me here. The Church is well-used. Those organising the station Masses bring the requisites each day.] Since the photo was posted in high resolution, I hope he won't mind that I have chopped out most of the suitcase and enhanced the photo a little:

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