Revamp of L'Osservatore

The official Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano this week carried full colour on the front page for the first time. This change in appearance accompanies some important changes in policy at the paper, thanks to the editor, Gian Maria Vian who may turn out to be one of Pope Benedict's more important appointments.

John Allen has a good article on various changes that Vian has brought in, such as Q&A interviews, more articles by women, generally a more competent and influential style of journalism. (See John Allen: New look the latest stage of revolution at pope's newspaper)

Allen also reports on plans to publish the full edition online and in many languages. That would enable L'Osservatore to have considerably greater influence worldwide.

I would suggest also that Vian is very much Pope Benedict's man and that his modernising approach at L'Osservatore is at the service of the Holy Father's call to be co-workers of the truth, and to emphasise the continuity of the Church in her own tradition.

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