Islam and "creationism"

Damien Thompson has an interesting post on the lecture scheduled today as part of "Islamic Awareness Week" which supposedly recounts "The collapse of the evolutionary theory". The very muted reaction to this reflects a "kid gloves" approach to Islam that would certainly not be afforded a Christian group expressing the same views.

I agree with Damien's take on this and his impatience with pseudoscience. His website Counterknowledge is well worth a look.

As Catholics, we should remember that the natural sciences are a profoundly Catholic project, beginning in the High Middle Ages as a result of a Christian view of the world and prospering because of the Christian concern for truth, objectivity and the goodness of the natural world. As Fr Jaki and other explained, the natural sciences had a promising start in Islam but foundered because of a rejection of the importance of secondary causes.

Secularist relativism is also fatal for the natural sciences as we are beginning to see with the Government's interference in the science curriculum. See the excellent Civitas book "The Corruption of the Curriculum" for further information.

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