Candlemas video

Here is the "video" I promised. As usual, it is really a slideshow with some background music. Sorry about the random transitions - it is microsoft's auto selection because there are over a hundred photos in the "movie" and I didn't have time to do all the transitions individually. The music is one of Vivaldi's wind and string concertos - because I happen to have it on my hard drive. Just a way of showing you lots of photos all at once.

It really was a most enjoyable day - about a hundred people came which was very good for us on a Saturday. With the procession, Mass and Benediction, we were in Church for two hours. The mother of one of our servers came with her younger daughter who is preparing for her first Holy Communion. Mum brought a book along in case it was all a bit much for her. In fact, she did not look at the book all the way through but was fascinated to watch all the ceremonies.

After Benediction, schola, servers, sacristy team and clerics repaired to the parish Hall. At my request, the Social Club got in some real ale for the schola and senior servers. This was served at room temperature - unlike the cold lager which Jonathan Hague described as "Novus Ordo Eurofizz" - a name which has stuck. Trisha who runs our lunch club cooked up plenty of burgers, hot dogs and chips so that people could stay around for a while.

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