Greg Gardner - Jane's notes

There used to be Brodie's notes for Shakespeare. Now we have Jane's notes for the excellent series of talks at the Birmingham Oratory promoting chastity. The latest is for "Hot Topics" by Dr Greg Gardner. Dr Gardner is a GP and writes widely in the local press in Birmingham about pro-life and pro-family topics.

One interesting topic from the discussion was that of values clarification, in which young people are encouraged to clarify their own values through peer group discussion. This replaces the teaching of objective virtue.

William Coulson, a pioneer with Carl Rogers of this approach in the 1960s, later repented and wrote powerfully about the harm that such groups can do by allowing the strongest voices to prevail against those who are weaker and more easily influenced. Young people who have been instructed in virtue at home can be confused and misled by these discussions.

It is worth noting that Dr Gardner is an evangelical Christian. In our common love for the family, "ecumenical" co-operation comes quite naturally.

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