Western media falls for commie propaganda

China's "Population Control Minister" (shouldn't that title itself put you on your guard just a little?) has been reported as indicating that China might scrap its one child policy. Since his actual comments said nothing of the sort, the spin doctors must have been working hard. See Anthony Ozimic's comments: One-child policy misinformation being planted in Western media. See also John Smeaton's post today on one-child policy propaganda.

As the late Dr John S. Aird, former senior China specialist at the U.S. Bureau for the Census (a world expert on China's one-child policy), said five years ago:
"The Chinese family planning authorities are continuing their old trick of talking tough to their own people while giving a gentle image to the gullible foreigners. It is a clumsy, transparently obvious trick, but it still works as it has in the past. That is why the Chinese authorities still use it! When will the foreigners wise up?"
For a reminder of the sensitive way that the Chinese communist authorities have promoted the one child policy, see my post from last year: Your home will be destroyed and your cows taken away if you don't abort. Other wall writing included "Better blood flowing like a river than one extra birth." and "One excess birth, whole village sterilized!"

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