Reverence in Church: a cautionary tale

Reading through a little devotional book on the Guardian Angels, published by TAN, I came across this cracking story illustrating the importance of reverence and attention in Church.
It is related of St Catherine of Siena, who was also favoured with the visible presence of her Guardian Angel, that once while praying in the church she turned her head slightly to gratify her curiosity. Her Guardian Angel gave her so severe a look for her disrespect in the presence of the Most Holy that for several days St Catherine was inconsolable and performed severe penance in atonement.
UPDATE: In response to Mark's requst: the booklet was originally published in 1956 by the Benedictine convent of Perpetual Adoration, Clyde Missouri under the title "Our Heavenly Companions". It was republished by TAN books 1996 as "The Guardian Angels our Heavenly Companions" (64pp) ISBN 0-89555-537-9. I got my copy from the Padre Pio Bookshop in Victoria for about £3.

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