Excellence at Gem of the Ocean

Here's something I left in draft and forgot to post - and it's nearly a week! Karen at Gem of the Ocean has given my blog an "Excellent" award. I'm very grateful and apologise for not saying "Thank You" earlier. My late Auntie Stella, an old-fashioned nun, would give me one of those kindly-but-disappointed looks that would make me want to hide under the chair.

The condition of accepting the award is that you have to pass it on to ten other people. If you accept the award, you have to give it to ten other bloggers. Karen's list is fun reading because halfway through it becomes the plot for a Father Brown murder mystery involving various priest bloggers. (See. I love it when they grade on the curve!)

For my list of awards, I have chosen some excellent blogs that I haven't linked to recently:OK, I know I linked to the Sisters the other day. I dare you: go and say to Sister Roseann "It's not fair!" ;-)

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