Beleagured Christians in Gaza

Thanks to a Facebook friend for this link to an article by Fr Raymond De Souza, originally published in the Canada National Post Palestinian Christians live in constant fear.

He tells of a YMCA centre in Gaza which is open to Muslims and includes a school, sports club and community hall, and does not engage in Christian proselytism. It was blown up by militants last week, destroying a library of 8,000 books. Apparently this was in response to the reprinting of the Muhammed cartoons in Denmark last week.

As Fr De Souza points out, it is not only the fact of the attack that is significant but also its insignificance in the eyes of the world's media. There is no free press in Gaza, and Christians are so intimidated that they dare not tell independent reporters anything except that they have excellent relations with their Muslim neighbours. To be fair, the BBC does carry a report on the attack.

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