Faith Symposium III

Yesterday evening, Fr David Barrett spoke on the topic of how our humanity is related to the humanity of Christ. Fr Barrett is currently working on a doctoral thesis in Rome, on the theology of St Hilary of Poitiers. We share an interest in this great Church Father who was a bridge between East and West on account of his exile for the faith. Many years ago, I wrote my "tesina" (mini thesis) for the Theology Licence degree in Rome on St Hilary's exegesis of Psalm 2.

After supper, we spent some time together before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the Crypt, finishing with Benediction. This is always a very welcome pause in the fairly full timetable of the Symposium.

This morning, Fr Hugh gave his paper on "A non idealistic defence of objective universality". This was a follow-up to his paper last year, incorporating clarifications and further material from various discussions on the topic. Fr Hugh is passionate about philosophy and is able to speak with great clarity about subjects that people often shy away from. I'll be reading his paper through again and will post on some of the content when I get a chance.

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