Hey, you're not supposed to do that!

Gregor Kollmorgen at NLM has an interesting post on the enthronement of the new Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Msgr. Reinhard Marx. The above picture is from his post and there are several other good photographs of this major event, together with some helpful explanations and commentary. (NLM: New Archbishop of Munich III - the Enthronement)

Gregor comments:
As for liturgical aspects of the Mass, while not perfect from a reform-of-the-reform point of view (which was hardly to be expected), there were some notable positive elements
the last of these is:
[...] at communion, he made the sign of the Cross with the Host and the Chalice before consuming the Sacred Species.
Clearly, Archbishop Marx needs a trained English Liturgist to go over there and explain that this is just not allowed ;-)

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