London Oratory: "Call to Youth" & extra TLM in Lent

A while back, Fr Julian Large sent publicity of the next meeting of "Call to Youth" (for 18-35 year olds) which is this Thursday 28 February at 8pm, in St Wilfrid's Hall, Refreshments to follow.

The speaker will be Michael Schutzer-Weissmann, who will be talking about Evelyn Waugh, convert & Catholic writer.

Sorry to be so late publicising it here.

(To find St Wilfrid's Hall, go into the courtyard to the left of the Oratory Church. Enter the doorway on the left. St Wilfrid's Hall is upstairs.)

During Lent (only), in addition to the public 8am Mass (Mon-Sat) in the Traditional Form, there is also a Mass at 5.15pm in the Traditional Form. Also on Fridays in Lent at 6.30pm the Oratory has Stations of the Cross (also done in the traditional way).

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